Solid Wood Floors
For clean, natural comfort and rich warmth that adds both beauty and value to your home, choose the finest quality hardwood flooring, Renneberg.

There is a difference:
To create the best flooring, you must have the ability to control the processes, and the experience to ensure the result.
Natural Maple sports a characteristic irregular patterning that offers an authentic "northwoods" look for log homes and other rustic settings. Warm-toned boards show off the maple's white sapwood and golden to reddish brown heartwood.
White Oak is one of the hardest woods we offer. Light colored sapwood, combined with light to medium brown heartwood, gives a warm feeling of comfort.

Walnut always recognized for its refined look. Rich and dark, walnut sometimes has a wavy or curly pattern, producing an attractive and decorative figure in its generally straight grain. Walnut's sapwood is creamy white, in contrast to the light brown to dark chocolate brown heartwood. Create a unique room in your home at a surprisingly affordable price.

Hickory has more variation in its tone and grain-features that can give hickory flooring a unique visual appearance. Hickory's white sapwood is tinged with brown, while its heartwood is pale to reddish brown. Contrasting sapwood and heartwood make this a favorite of many north woods homes. Cherry possesses a rich, red to reddish brown heartwood with creamy white sapwood. Natural flecks and small gum pockets add engaging highlights to the elegance of cherry's fine grain and smooth texture.  It is sure to be admired in your fine home.
Hard Maple with its generally white look mixed with the softer gold heartwood colors is a favorite of many today, due to the lighter decors.
Red Oak the most common of all hardwoods, has a white to light brown sapwood and a light, reddish brown heartwood. Our wood has a light, soft look due to its tighter grain and the gorgeous colors of our renewable forests.